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I offer these pages to be downloaded and printed as teaching tools, and to have around your home & class environments.  The light background pics will be for home printing to conserve ink.  The deeply colored artworks may be best printed through a quick printshop and could even be laminated.  After you have downloaded the files onto your computer, you can actually go to an online Quick print website and upload the pages for printing.  Or simply copy items to a small thumb drive device and have them printed as color copies at the size you need.  None of the artworks may be resold in any manner.

I am a Torah loving follower of Yeshua-Jesus. May those who are Christ followers cherish the foundation/root of our very Hebrew Savior/Messiah.  For too long Yeshua has been promoted as though a Gentile.  However, things are finally changing; for such a time as this!  Remember He is the “Lion of Judah” and He is the same yesterday and today.

Regarding the love of our Father Yahveh’s beautiful Name, it is essential to notice that Yeshua ALWAYS pointed Glory to His Father in Heaven, saying - “Hallowed (Holy) be Your Name”

King David said... “I will call on The Name of Yahweh and He will answer me.”

If you appreciate the work and sharing of materials through Sacred Hand Publishing,

you are welcome to contribute securely using Paypal.  To Yah be the Glory!

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