a few thoughts about logo design...

An artful and well planned logo, (worth every bit of time and attention given to it's design), will encourage a subtle confidence that no amount of text/copy can convey.  Because it will appear repeatedly with most advertising and signage, it bears a lot of responsibility on it's tiny little shoulders to look solid and stunning.  I enjoy the challenge of compressing essential ideas into a small space, and I do have a general preference for illustrative logos, as you can see, but can be persuaded to simplicity as well.  

Design costs for a logo will run anywhere from $300 to $1500, depending on it’s complexity and development stages.  Sometimes saying less takes far more time to refine than one would initially realize.  “Branding” is the term, frequently used these days, to describe a comprehensive package of highly cohesive and coordinated design elements.  This involves far greater attention to detail and extensive design time.

I have a very flexible & affordable approach to logo design. Generally, I ask up front, what budget range my client is hoping to stay within.  Though a flat rate is a truly abstract concept for logo work, I can still give my client clarity on what to expect for a given budget.

I will describe approximately how many sample phases we can run through in the designated price range, before entering into an hourly rate for extended modifications.  At the lower end of the price spectrum, I usually layout a page with about 6 to 8 variations, featuring the intended type & imagery ideas to begin the dialog. Based on the feedback, I will hone in on a direction that seems promising, and send another sample batch.  At this stage we need to zero in on one choice, and I create color variations for a 3rd send and we choose the “winner”.  That’s optimum.  Sometimes I nail it really early with a design that meets the needs well.  Let’s face it, there are an unlimited amount of possible directions & styles to go with.  All custom art relies on an intuitive flow of communication that hopefully brings the clients vision into form, which is the ultimate satisfaction. 

Logo Design

logo n. (pl.-gos) “...a symbol or small design adopted as a business identity”

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